As the Wellbeing Planner, I provide an independent, bespoke, customer focused service. With an emphasis on quality, I am able to consistently meet my client's needs on time and within budget. 

My desire to develop ways that systematically improved everybody’s wellbeing whatever their circumstances drove me to establish the Wellbeing Planner in 2013. Before that I'd learned that understanding people’s lived experience was the first step to improving their wellbeing. I also saw that no one organisation had the monopoly on improving people’s wellbeing, no matter how hard they tried. Finally doing things differently is really difficult - particularly when you’re by yourself.

I now work with my clients to improve their own wellbeing and that of the people they work with. That means my clients really understanding their customers or colleagues, yet remaining open to best practice and innovation through a process of 'discovery.' The next step is to support my clients as they learn to effectively 'collaborate' with their services users, customers or colleagues. The final step in the Wellbeing Plan is to support my clients through the 'challenge of change' so that their interventions remain effective and sustainable.

I'm equally happy working with clients in English or Welsh.